Find & live your purpose without fear

I specialize in helping people figure out what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled in life, while maintaining steady and predictable success goals

Benefits of Better...

Better Communication

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say will help with all types of relationships.

Better Listening

Learning to listen is a skill. Truly hearing another person from the heart can heal.

Better Feeling

You deserve to be happy. Your happiness will help others in your life.

Better Living

Living life to the fullest is a wonderful goal. No more settling. You can do this!

About Shiann Metheny

Hello! Seeking help is often very hard. Everyone needs support at some point and it takes a lot of courage to step out. I respect those who do so a great deal! Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a helper. While it is important to understand about my credentials and approach to therapy, it is also important that you know I respect you and I will be very careful about our counseling relationship. Your health and growth are important to me.

I have had successful experience in addressing trauma, foster/adoption-related issues, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, family crisis, and other areas of practice.



What my clients say

Shiann is very understanding and always provides me with support and offers questions which provoke me to answer my own concerns. I always look forward to hearing from her as I know she will offer me guidance to be more self-reliant in the future, increasing my own personal self awareness. -
One session with Shiann can redirect my thoughts and emotions in a completely new direction. She is honest and really points you where you need to go.
Shiann is so great. She is so understanding and kind. Has great insight and helps me feel in control of my problems. She has been a great tool in me overcoming a certain specific struggle that I deal with daily.
She is amazing! She gives me room to pray and think but also very insightful. I always appreciate her pure honesty. She tells me what I need to hear, with grace. Not what I want to hear.

Your life is more meaningful when you believe in yourself